My Secret Scent 001: Arabian Oud by Lumira

As a writer, I find inspiration in everything from the music that's playing when I write to the scent of the candle burning in the background. But one thing I always like to wear when I write, or do anything for that matter, is perfume. Scents transport me in the same way writing does and I've always worn perfume for myself. In my new series, My Secret Scent, I plan to explore all the scents that I'm loving lately and for my first featured scent, we have Arabian Oud by Lumira.



If you’re not familiar with Lumira, they’re a luxe Australian candle and fragrance brand that I can’t get enough of. (Review of their candles will be up soon, I promise!) But back to perfume. Perfume oils are all the rage these days and in my search, I found my absolute new favorite. 

What I love about this perfume oil is the way it captures the perfect mix of a woody, darker scent with a feminine feel, featuring Rose, Oud Accord and Sandalwood. 


The top notes are bergamot, orange and smoke. Middle notes are floral, rose, patchouli, sandalwood and the base notes are oud accord, amber, nagarmotha and musk. Oud is one of the more popular woods on the market these days, derived from the agar tree, and a new favorite of mine. This oil is understated but sophisticated and I will be wearing it year-round and as often as possible.