Currently On The Rocks: 1220 Origin Gin

After reviewing a variety of vodkas and a rum, I thought it was time to mix up the spirit. So right now, 1220 Origin Gin is currently on the rocks. This gin hails from St. Louis, MO and is a a year-round New Western style gin.

What I love about this gin: I personally drank this gin with soda water and found it to be refreshing and clean. The ingredients are Croatian juniper, coriander, orris root, bergamot orange, and neroli, and essential oil extracted from the orange blossom flower. It tastes smooth, even at 85 proof. The usual gin I would order at a bar would be Tanqueray, but I would absolutely order 1220 Origin next time it’s being served.

Check out what Rob Vossmeyer, founder of 1220 Origin Gin, has to say about his spirit below. Cheers!


Can you tell us how 1220 Origin Gin came about?

Inspired by secret societies and speak easies this extension of this spirits brand is intended to complement 4 Hands Brewing Co.; celebrating the relationship between brewery & distillery. Origin, a botanical inspired gin, is the first of the spirits to be released and is available year round. This is a botanically driven gin made in the New Western style. Origin's ingredients are unique. Starting with a neutral brandy from the vineyards of Napa Valley, Origin builds on its base with a highly select grade of juniper along with singular ingredients like Neroli and Bergamot (the Prince of Pears).


What makes it different than other gins?

Origin is a New Western style gin. It’s a modern take that adds more botanical character to the spirit than a standard London Dry. Driven by a very select grade of juniper as its’ base, it has a beautiful bouquet of floral and citrus on the nose and on the finish. One of the ingredients that set our gin apart is Neroli. Neroli is a distillate of orange blossoms. It has a wonderful aroma akin to jasmine and honeysuckle but with a subtle “bite". We also use a distillate of the Bergamot orange also known as bey armut, the “Prince of Pears”. Bergamot will be familiar to those who enjoy Earl Grey Tea. Despite being an orange, bergamot lends a distinct peppery spice to the gin. Lastly, we use blood orange. Not a common fruit, but one that lends the best aromatic qualities of citrus.  


Who’s your target demo for the gin?

 Origin is a spirit that gin lovers will appreciate and those that think they may not care for gin will be pleasantly surprised by.


Why should someone order Origin 1220 Gin at a bar over all the other options?

The gin market is quickly growing. Many more gins are available to the consumer today than they were 3-4 years ago. Unfortunately, some have used the “New Western” or “New American” banner to hide the juniper with other ingredients in their botanical bill. The commonly accepted definition of gin is a spirit whose primary characteristic is derived from juniper. In making Origin, I always knew that making sure the juniper was still driving the profile was important, but juniper is an incredibly dynamic botanical. It’s citrusy, piney, and spicy, all depending on how you use it. So, the idea was to compliment those attributes to create something truly unique. 


We’re in the swing of fall, what’s an ideal cocktail we can make with Origin 1220 Gin?

At 85 proof, Origin can be enjoyed neat but is just as exceptional in cocktails.