Currently On The Rocks: Boardroom Spirits

It’s that time of year where fall turns to winter and we curl up for a drink by the fire. That is if you don’t live in Los Angeles where it’s still 90 degrees. As for what we’re currently having on the rocks, that would be gin and vodka by Boardroom Spirits. All products are gluten free and you can even drink the flavored vodkas on the rocks.

I got a chance to ask the owner of Boardroom Spirits Marat Mamedov about his company.


Can you tell us how Boardroom Spirits came about?

Vlad, Zsuzsa, and I all worked in management consulting firms before we started Boardroom. After years of traveling for work and spending countless hours in boardrooms, we wanted to launch a local, tangible project with a mission to create innovative and high-quality products.

You guys make vodka, gin, and rum. What makes them different than others?

 When making our spirits, we always put transparency at the center of our process. We use clear bottles with minimalistic labels to show off the products and we actually list our ingredients on the bottle labels.


You have three different flavored vodkas; how did you choose the flavors?

We wanted to choose simple flavors that would taste great using only raw ingredients. For instance, our FRESH Cranberry Vodka is a non-GMO corn vodka made with raw cranberries. The result is a tart, bright red liquid that tastes like a real cranberry – not artificial sweeteners or juices. 

Can you tell us a bit about the process of making your spirits?

We use the best equipment, following strict sanitation and cleaning practices, and distilling the product to high purity standards. During a distillation, there are three key phases of the distillate produced: the heads, the hearts, and the tails. Boardroom only keeps the hearts, which contain the highest concentration of ethanol. Lower quality products may try to pass heads and tails, the elements that make the drinker sick, blending them into the final product to achieve higher volume. We also always try our best to source locally and organically when making our spirits. We source our oak barrels from the Ozarks in Missouri and we use local water that we carefully and thoroughly filter. Our corn comes from Doylestown, 20 minutes up to road.

Who’s your target demo for the spirits?

Anyone looking for high-quality spirits with zero additives and real, fresh ingredients that they can pronounce.


Why should someone order Boardroom Spirits at a bar over all the other options?

When you order Boardroom, you know exactly what you’re getting. We’ve been recognized repeatedly for the quality and creativity of our products, whether it’s our classic Boardroom gin or our one-of-a-kind vegetable brandy made from distilled beets.


We’re heading into winter, what’s an ideal cocktail we can make with your spirits?

The Boardroom Cranberry Cosmo is a fall classic. We pride ourselves on providing healthier alternatives to traditional cocktails – Boardroom customers always compliment our delicious and low-calorie options.

 2 oz. FRESH Cranberry Vodka

 1 oz. Triple Sec

 O.5 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice

Just shake, strain, and serve up in a chilled martini glass. If you prefer your cosmo on the tarter side, use 0.5 oz. of Triple Sec.