Fragrant Fall: Candle Review

After a successful candle review for the summer, I decided to make this a series for the seasons. Since Fall is officially in full swing, I wanted to share the scents that are currently filling my home. I went a little more floral instead of my natural tendency towards only dark scents. I promise these candles won’t disappoint!

Lumira: Persian Rose

Lumira: Persian Rose

First up is by the Australian brand Lumira. I recently featured one of their perfume oils in My Secret Scent series, but the fall candle you need is called Persian Rose. I picked this scent for fall because it balances rose with bergamot zest. The inspiration was ancient Persia, where roses hold great symbolic meaning. The top notes are sparkling mandarin, bergamot zest, sweet orange. The mid notes are budding Persian rose, geranium essence and the base notes are soft musk, patchouli and dark amber. It screams “sweater weather” with a romantic twist.

Wax type: Soy wax
Size: 10.6 oz
Price: $69 AUD
Burn Time: 80 hour burn time



Next is the NOCTURNE candle by Los Angeles based company R O E N. This candle welcomes fall with its earthy notes of patchouli and santal but also mix in violet for the refreshing floral note. This candle could burn in any room of the house. This is the ideal fall scent to light at sunset and snuggle up under a blanket, while we wait for winter.

Wax type: Coconut Wax
Size: 8 oz
Price: $26
Burn Time: 40 hour burn time

NaturaBrasil :Nourishing Castanha

NaturaBrasil:Nourishing Castanha

The last candle you need for this season is by NaturaBrasil called Nourishing Castanha. Castanha is known as the Brazil nut and is found in the Amazon. It’s also praised for its nutrition and a rich resource for beauty benefits. The scent is fresh with hints of almond and sandalwood. This candle will remind you of an autumn getaway.

Wax type: Coconut/Soy Wax Blend
Size: 6 oz
Price: $35
Burn Time: 45 hour burn time