Currently On The Rocks: Deep Eddy Vodka

The holidays are coming up quicker than ever and we’re currently drinking Deep Eddy Vodka on the rocks from the Holiday Gift Box this winter. It’s only $18 and comes with a festive 6 ft. string of Deep Eddy Vodka lights. It’s the perfect gift to bring to your holiday parties or a Secret Santa exchange. I had a chance to talk to the Deep Eddy Vodka team about all things vodka and even get a holiday recipe. Cheers!

Can you tell us how Deep Eddy Vodka came about?

Deep Eddy Vodka was founded in 2010 in Austin, TX by two local entrepreneurs, Clayton Christopher, founder of Sweet Leaf Tea and Chad Auler, founder of Savvy Vodka, with the goal of bringing the first sweet tea vodka made with real, natural ingredients to the market. The Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is made with real Indonesian tea leaves and sweetened with organic honey from a local apiary outside of San Antonio.

The base for the Sweet Tea Vodka, which is our Deep Eddy Original Vodka, was made with such quality and had such a smooth taste, the founders decided it had to be shared with the world. 



What makes it different than other vodkas?

What makes Deep Eddy different is our taste and commitment to quality across all expressions. Deep Eddy is column distilled still ten times then charcoal filtered four times. This becomes Deep Eddy Original, which is also the base for all flavored expressions. 

We don’t substitute quality when it comes to our flavored expressions. We use the same Original blend and mix it with real, natural fruit juices. Using natural juices to flavor our vodka truly sets us apart. 



You have different flavored vodkas as well as the original vodka, how did you choose the flavors?

Deep Eddy has a history of groundbreaking innovation with our flavored vodkas. As we mentioned, our Sweet Tea Vodka was ground breaking in that it was the first to use real, all natural ingredients. That was followed by Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka, which really catapulted us to the national stage as one of the first and only vodkas to use real fruit juice and all natural ingredients and really connected with consumers due to its fresh, vibrant real-fruit taste. We followed up on Ruby with other hugely successful flavors like Deep Eddy Lemon and Peach, also using real fruit juice and the highest quality Deep Eddy Vodka.


Can you tell us a bit about the process of making your vodka?

Deep Eddy Vodka is hand-crafted in small batches using the highest quality all-natural ingredients using a 99% waste-free production process at our distillery in Buda, TX just outside Austin.

Deep Eddy Vodka sources their Deep Eddy Vodka sources their corn-based distillate from a family-owned company: Central Indiana Ethanol because of their shared values and close relationships with the farmers they source from as well as a commitment to environmental sustainability. The distillate is then re-distilled in a state-of-the-art column still ten times in small 2,000-gallon batches using pure Texas water.The distillate is then charcoal filtered four times. This becomes Deep Eddy Original, which is also the base for all flavored expressions.


 Why should someone order Deep Eddy Vodka at a bar over all the other options?

First and foremost, our taste! Deep Eddy is like a ray of Texas sunshine and is unlike any other vodka out there due to our fresh, natural ingredients our integrity and commitment to quality. 

Deep Eddy Vodka is the perfect option at a bar – it makes a simple, delicious cocktail (Deep Eddy Ruby Red and soda with lime), and it is also enjoyable as a chilled shot (a shot of Deep Eddy Lemon is essentially a natural lemon drop). 

The real fruit juices allow for simplicity when enjoying Deep Eddy because the taste is so fresh and natural  


We’re in the swing of winter, what’s an ideal cocktail we can make with Deep Eddy Vodka?

A great fall recipe the Deep Eddy Pumpkin Spice Pie Martini. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.  


Pumpkin Spice Pie Martini

2 oz. Deep Eddy Original Vodka

1 oz. Dark rum

1 oz. Half n half

2 tbsp. Canned pumpkin puree

1 oz. Maple syrup

¼ tsp Pumpkin pie spice

¼ tsp Vanilla extract

Graham crackers





1. Smash up the graham crackers, cinnamon and sugar together.

2. Wet the rim of the glass with maple syrup and dip it into your cinnamon, sugar, cracker mixture.

3. Combine remaining ingredients into your cocktail shaker and shake for 30-45 seconds.

4. Pour and strain into your rimmed martini glass.

5. Garnish with a little bit of grated nutmeg and cinnamon stick.