Coach Hosts a Dinner in L.A.: by Neesha Arter for Vogue

Coach Hosts a Dinner in L.A. to Celebrate Its Dinosaur Mascot’s Makeover

MAY 15, 2019 10:43 AMby NEESHA ARTER


Last night in West Hollywood, Angelenos joined Coach in celebrating the launch of its new line, Rexy Remix. Crowds gathered over Thai food at Night + Market, devouring Pad Thai and the new collection, which reintroduced Coach’s beloved Rexy. The T-Rex mascot, brainchild of creative director Stuart Vevers, has become a staple of the brand ever since its inception in 2015. The intimate outdoor dining area was covered in Coach posters and pink and yellow spring flowers.

The redesign of the dino was first introduced last December at the brand’s Pre-Fall show. Coach commissioned four Chinese artists (Yeti Out, Sui Jianguo, Zhu Jingyi, and Guang Yu) to interpret Rexy throughout women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes.

The event was a culturally exciting moment. Maya Erskine from Hulu’s Pen15remarked, “It’s exciting to be here for me because I rarely get the chance to be surrounded at a table full of intelligent, beautiful, culturally subversive Asian-Americans. I feel like in the entertainment industry, I haven’t found my community yet and I feel like my world is expanding.”

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